Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

CinC message 1 regarding Remembrance Day security concerns

Brothers and Sisters of Allied Orders,

I have spoken with the leadership of the Sons Veterans Reserve and they have provided the following official statement on Security for the Remembrance Day events:

SECURITY NOTICE The Gettysburg Pennsylvania Police Department, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania State Police and the National Park Service have developed and put into place a comprehensive plan to address any security issues that might develop during the Remembrance Day Weekend, 2017 and in particular, the 61st Annual Remembrance Day Parade to be held on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Any questions can be addressed to the Gettysburg Police Department, specifically, Chief Dougherty or Sgt. Weikert. 

Chief Joseph F. Dougherty
Sgt. Larry Weikert

Any additional information that is made available will be shared with you as soon as it is received using a CinC Message /Notice to the Membership, the National FB site, and the National Website

In Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty
Mark R. Day
Commander-in-Chief Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

CinC’s Corner: Latest communication

As a promise to the Order, CinC Day stated that he would occasionally post details of his agenda and thinking that do not fall within the binding authority of General Orders. These thoughts and rationale are all presented for the Good of the Order, and CinC Day encourages and values the voice of every Brother on every issue.

Commander-in-Chief’s message to the membership #2/2017-18
I have several purposes in mind as, I begin this message to you this evening. One is to provide information as to the effects the recent wildfires and hurricanes have had on our SUVCW family, a second item is to make you aware of a opportunity to support a very worthwhile project, which reflects the core values of our organization, and lastly to make several announcements.
For the past two weeks, I like many of you have sat transfixed by the images coming from our nations Gulf Coast and Northwest. The events which have unfolded before our eyes, via the twenty-four hours news cycle, have been challenging for our nation and more especially for our SUVCW brothers in Oregon, Texas and Florida. Hurricane Harvey has brought disruption and havoc to the lives of at least two of our Brothers living in Houston, who lost their homes, and Hurricane Irma saw the need for our National Historian Robert Waltz (sic), who lives in Key West, to evacuate his home and workplace. Regrettably we must assume that many additional Brothers have had their lives disrupted and need our prayers and support. In the hope of identifying our Brothers in need, I have contacted the Department leadership in both Texas and Florida and asked them to provide the names of Brothers who need assistance to either myself or Chaplain Jerry. This will allow us to communicate the needs of our Brothers and Sisters to those of you who want to assist in their effort to recover from this most assuredly life changing experience. As information becomes available, we will disseminate it through our National Website and National Facebook page. I would ask that you periodically look at those sites for updates on our Brothers and Sisters who have been impacted by these natural disasters. I would also encourage you to consider contributing to the relief of the people in Oregon, Texas, and Florida through the charity of your choice to the extent you can do so without harming yourselves.

Now on to my second purpose. Many of you are aware of the Department of Illinois efforts to establish a memorial plaza at the grave of Dr. Stephenson, the founder of the Grand Army of the Republic in Petersburg, Ill. This past June my wife and I stopped by the grave site and had the chance to see the improvements that have been made. To say that the improvements were impressive would be an understatement. The beautiful Italian marble benches, each reflecting the emblems of one of the Allied Orders, are spectacular and the newly installed paving stones that will ultimately surround the obelisk, marking Dr. Stephenson’s grave, give evidence to the beautiful setting that will be created; making the plaza a lasting and powerful testimony to the Allied Orders fulfillment of their joint goal to preserve and honor the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic and those who sacrificed so much to preserve our nation.
It is my heartfelt desire to see the memorial plaza completed and available for all to see and to provide a tangible symbol for educating the public about the Grand Army. To that end, I am asking that each camp and department consider donating to this project so that the memorial plaza can be completed in the coming year. The Department of Illinois has a plan to continue the work of installing the paving stones and two flag poles, but funding is necessary for its completion. Information on the project can be found on the Department of Illinois Website and I encourage you to look it over. As an incentive, I will provide an appropriate certificate to any camp that donates at least $100 and an appropriate streamer to any department that has at least 75% of its camps donate at least $100.00.

Now to the last of my purposes; announcements.
1. Brother Eric Richhart has been elected by the Council of Administration to fill the role of National Expansion Officer.

2. I have reappointed PCinC Grim and PCinC Darby for a term of two years on the Constitution and Regulations Committee said terms to expire in 2019.

3. The Listing of National Officers and Committee Assignments has been updated and I would ask that you review and familiarize yourself with it. These are the folks you will need to know if you have questions.

4. With the end of the year approaching we will soon be electing Camp Officers and preparing reports. I would ask that you be diligent in completing your reports and remind the Camp and Department Secretaries that we now have an official membership card, which contains proprietary information, and is available from the Quartermaster. Instructions for printing the cards can be found on the National Website under Forms on the Governance page.

5. Once again, the Sons Veterans Reserve is planning a fabulous weekend of events for Remembrance Day November 17-19. I hope that many of you will be able to make it to this very special event and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting and speaking with you.

6. I would like to make you aware of the efforts of the Brothers of the Department of Tennessee to preserve historic Fort Negley in Nashville from commercial development. If you would like more information, I am sure the Brothers in Tennessee would be happy to answer your questions.

7. I would encourage those Departments or individuals who would like me to attend their encampments or events; to contact the Chief of Staff, Brother Faron Taylor, so they can be placed on the schedule and advised of my availability.

8. Recruiting new members in everyone’s job. Those of you who were at the National Encampment in Lansing will remember that, I asked for each member to always carry an application form #3 in their pocket. You never know where the opportunity will arise to make a new Brother. Take advantage of the moment and let (Carpe Diem) be our by-word in recruiting. I would also ask that you be diligent with new members and process their applications expeditiously. Nothing is more damaging to our efforts than holding up the processing and initiation of new members, and once you have new members get them and yourselves involved in activities that promote our motto of Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty.

It is my hope that these CinC messages help in keeping the membership aware of the activities of your national officers and the important events / projects that are being conducted by our Camps and Departments. I encourage each Camp and Department to keep me informed on their activities and needs by emailing me at or if it is something needing immediate attention calling me at the number listed on the National Website.

In Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty

Mark R. Day
Commander-in-Chief Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Message from National Chaplain re: Houston Flooding

I am sure we are all mindful of the disaster that the tropical storm and hurricane has done to Texas.  I am also sure that each one of the brothers in our Order is contributing to the Salvation Army, the Red Cross or other philanthropic organizations.  At the church service I conducted last Sunday, I took up a collection for the folks in Camp 2 – Houston, Texas.  I have several hundred dollars that I will be sending to:
PDC Donald L. Gates
Sec/Tres  – Dept of Texas
1205 Balboa Circle
Plano, TX 75075
It is my sincere hope that you find it in your heart to send a contribution to help our Brothers in the wake and flooding of the hurricane.  I am sure they will know what to do with it.
Please spread this message.
In Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty
Chaplain Jerry

Treasurer’s Handbook now available!

National Treasurer David McReynolds has issued the first edition of the SUVCW Treasurer’s Handbook as an aid to all Camp and Department treasurers who work so hard to make sure everything adds up.

“The Treasurer’s Handbook is a very useful tool designed to serve both new Treasurers in Camps and Departments as well as those who have served previously in the position.  The very first chapter goes through some basics of being the Treasurer in the SUVCW.  The handbook not only covers the routine duties of the Treasurer but is full of tax information as well.  For example, the chapter on forming a new camp provides a guide to obtaining an EIN online.  The handbook also covers filing the Form 990N and provides guidance on a numbers of issues in the Constitution and Regulations.  Everything in the handbook is presented in clear, easy to understand language.”

Brother McReynolds hopes that the Treasurer’s Handbook will be a useful asset and also states that the guide will be flexible and able to be updated as rules and regulations within our Order and with the IRS change over time.

Still looking for the downloadable PDF? Please click here: Treasurer’s Handbook or find it on the Governance page under Forms.

A Wonderful 136th National Encampment!

Brothers, Sisters and families and friends:

We had such a wonderful experience in Lansing, and the Department of Michigan hosted the largest National Encampment in over 20 years. At the end of the day, it was also an Encampment that spoke volumes about Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty at every level of our organization. Congratulations to all of the award winners that recognized by PCinC Martin, particularly those well-traveled Brothers who received the Elmer “Bud” Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award! And congratulations to all of the elected and appointed officers for the 2017-2018 term. Commander-in-Chief Mark Day’s remarks were moving and timely, and we should all be excited to work with him and his agenda this year!

The Meritorious Service Award with Gold Star
-Dexter Bishop, Department MA
-David McReynolds Department TN
-Terry Dyer, Department IL
-Nick Kaup, Department IL
-Don Palmer, Department MO
-Henry Shaw, Department OH

Elmer (Bud) Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award
-Bob Wolz, Department Ohio
-Ed Krieser, Department Missouri
-Lee Stone, Department. Chesapeake
-Danny Wheeler, Department New York
-Rich Orr, Department Pennsylvania

Abraham Lincoln CinC’s Award – Camp Custer Camp #17, Department NJ

The Cornelius F. Whitehouse Award–
-Eugene G. Mortorff, Garfield Camp #1, Department Chesapeake
-Danny L. Wheeler, Sydney Camp #41, Department NY

The Meritorious Service Award-
-Michael P. Downs, Department TN
-Dave Daley, Department WI
-Daniel F. Rittel, Department Iowa
-Jeff Graf, Department WI

The David R. Medert Award – David A. Rish, Dept. OH 13 new members

The National Aide Award-
Doug Fidler, McTeer Camp #39, Dept. TN
Eric Richhart, Smith Camp #1, Dept CO/WO
Jeff Graf Col. Hans C. Heg Camp # 15, Dept. WI
James P. McGuire, Govs. Elisha Dyer Camp #7, RI
Steve Flickinger Sherman Camp #93, Dept. OH
David Rish, Parrott Camp #33, Dept. OH
James Johnson, Ruger Camp #1, Dept NC

The Augustus P. Davis/ Conrad Linder Award- Department of Ohio with 54

The Under Forty Award– Department of New Jersey with 10

Marshall Hope Award for Best Newsletter –
“The Sharpshooter” Robert Finch Camp # 14 Dept. MI
“The March”, Department GA/SC

The U.S. Grant Award – Department Georgia 60% increase in membership

The Horace Greeley Award- outstanding website. Department of Iowa

The Founder’s Award – The American Veterans Heritage Center, Dayton, Ohio

The Certificate of Recognition-
-Garrard County Public Library, Department of Kentucky
-Brother Bruce Austin, Major James H. Bridgewater Camp #7, Department of Kentucky


National Encampment Site Committee Announcement:

Just a friendly reminder that the last day you can make hotel reservations for Lansing is July 10, 2017. If you have not booked a room yet, please act fast. Also, we need more dinner reservations for this Encampment, and need your help. We are behind at this point, and will not make our numbers unless we get additional reservations. If you have not made dinner reservations, please do so, as we need your help. It is with your support That we can all help our Brothers in the Department of Michigan make this a great Encampment. If you have decided not to join us for dinner, please reconsider, as it is imperative to make it a success.

The National Encampment is fast approaching, and all ads must be submitted for the Program Book by July 10th. Their are still some spaces left, and it would be nice to fill all the pages. Please refer to the Encampment website for details on the cost of Rooms, Dinner and Program Ads. The Michigan Host Committee has been hard at work to make this a special Encampment. Thank you for your assistance.

In Fraternity, Charity & Loyalty

The National Encampment Site Committee

IMPORTANT IRS 990N information from National Treasurer


We want to communicate with you to end the moratorium on filing 990Ns that we had asked for while filing for the organization’s group exemption.  If you are current, then your return for a December 31, 2016 year end is due May 15, 2017.  If you were delinquent in early March, you are still delinquent.

As you should know, the IRS took over the online service for filing the 990N tax returns last year. They have now begun to send notices to those who are late in filing as a reminder to file the return and not put the unit’s tax exemption in jeopardy.

If you have received an e-mail that looks like the one at the end of this message, then you, in the view of the IRS, are late in filing your 990N.
990Ns must be filed by the 15th day of the 5th month following the unit’s year end as reported to the IRS. Therefore, for example, if a Camp or Department has a year end of December 31st, the due date for the 990N is the following May 15th. And, if the Camp or Department (or other unit) has a year end of June 30th, the due date for the 990N would be November 15th.

Therefore, if you are receiving this notice, you are either late filing your 990N for the period ending December 31, 2015 which would have been due May 15, 2016 or you are late filing your 990N for the period ending June 30, 2016 which would have been due November 15, 2016.

As you can see, these due dates are prior to our filing for the group exemption and the moratorium we asked for while the determination was being considered. Therefore, you were already delinquent in filing your 990N prior to March 8, 2017. 990Ns for the period ending December 31, 2016 are due by May 15, 2017.

I encourage you to file your late returns immediately. Helpful instructions may be found at:
Also, you may look up the status of your 990N filings by going to the following link and simply inserting your EIN number and beginning a search. It will give you a running history of your filings. If you have not filed for 3 consecutive years, you will not find that EIN number in the listings as tax exempt status has been revoked.

This is very important! It needs your attention. If you have a question or a problem, please let me know and I will do my very best to try to help you.

In Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
David McReynolds
National Treasurer
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Inc.

2018 Lincoln Tomb Ceremony and Form

All are invited to participate in the 62nd Annual Lincoln Tomb Ceremony, sponsored by the SUVCW and MOLLUS, commemorating the 152nd Anniversary of President Lincoln’s death. It will be held at the Lincoln Tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, IL at 10 AM on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Headquarters Hotel: President Abraham Lincoln Hotel, 701 E. Adams St., Springfield,IL 62701. The room rate is $100.00 for single – quad. A10% dining discount at Lindsay’s Restaurant is included. Call 1-866-788-1860 for reservations and mention “Sons of Union Veterans”. Reserve your room by March 23, 2018. After this, the remaining blocked rooms will be released.

Wreaths may be ordered from local Springfield florists. Instruct the florist to have the wreath delivered c/o the Lincoln Tomb, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, by 9 AM on Saturday, April 14th.

Luncheon will be held at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel at 12:30PM. The luncheon program  will feature a talk by Robert Amsler, Jr. on “Railroads: Coming of Age in the Civil War”. Luncheon cost is $35.00 per person.

REGISTRATION FORM: Lincoln Tomb 2018

For event info, go to the SUVCW web site ( or contact Robert Petrovic at: or 636-274-4567.

National Graves Registration Database UPDATE and Instructions

Due to attacks from hackers against the SUVCW Graves Database you are most likely aware of restrictions that have been placed on the database to ensure it is online and of use to anyone who wishes to use it as it was designed to be used. Below are three sets of guidelines that have been introduced to the database.

1. Public Use: Anyone with or without an account may research using the database, yes, they must have a surname and they are limited to 20 results for each search.

2. User Account: A user account that was in service prior to 01 August 2016 is still in service, the login in page is located at – for those who didn’t have a user account prior to 01 August 2016 they may still request a user account but must do so through a direct request to the office of the National Graves Registration Officer (NGRO). A user account doesn’t require the surname and searches can be made to view as many as 100 results at a time, some are authorized to view all the results in one search field at one time.

3. Admin Account: A admin account is still only authorized and created by the National Graves Registration Officer, no other Brother in the order has the right to a Administration Account by virtue of his office, with the exception of the National Graves Committee Members and the National Graves Registration Officer (NGRO). All other Admin Accounts must be earned and maintained via the guidelines of the NGRO as authorized by the Commander-in-Chief. Admin Account holders may make edits to existing records, delete existing records and approve/disapprove new submissions after they have been confirmed/unconfirmed. Types of people who may be considered for a Administration Account are National Aides to the National Committee on Graves Registration, Department Graves Registration Officers, Certified Cemetery Project Managers and others as deemed by the NGRO. Login information will be given to the account holder at the time they are granted an account.

In Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty
Bruce D. Frail, PDC
National Graves Registration Officer
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War