CinC message 1 regarding Remembrance Day security concerns

Brothers and Sisters of Allied Orders,

I have spoken with the leadership of the Sons Veterans Reserve and they have provided the following official statement on Security for the Remembrance Day events:

SECURITY NOTICE The Gettysburg Pennsylvania Police Department, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania State Police and the National Park Service have developed and put into place a comprehensive plan to address any security issues that might develop during the Remembrance Day Weekend, 2017 and in particular, the 61st Annual Remembrance Day Parade to be held on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Any questions can be addressed to the Gettysburg Police Department, specifically, Chief Dougherty or Sgt. Weikert. 

Chief Joseph F. Dougherty
Sgt. Larry Weikert

Any additional information that is made available will be shared with you as soon as it is received using a CinC Message /Notice to the Membership, the National FB site, and the National Website

In Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty
Mark R. Day
Commander-in-Chief Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War