Message from National Chaplain re: Houston Flooding

I am sure we are all mindful of the disaster that the tropical storm and hurricane has done to Texas.  I am also sure that each one of the brothers in our Order is contributing to the Salvation Army, the Red Cross or other philanthropic organizations.  At the church service I conducted last Sunday, I took up a collection for the folks in Camp 2 – Houston, Texas.  I have several hundred dollars that I will be sending to:
PDC Donald L. Gates
Sec/Tres  – Dept of Texas
1205 Balboa Circle
Plano, TX 75075
It is my sincere hope that you find it in your heart to send a contribution to help our Brothers in the wake and flooding of the hurricane.  I am sure they will know what to do with it.
Please spread this message.
In Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty
Chaplain Jerry