A Wonderful 136th National Encampment!

Brothers, Sisters and families and friends:

We had such a wonderful experience in Lansing, and the Department of Michigan hosted the largest National Encampment in over 20 years. At the end of the day, it was also an Encampment that spoke volumes about Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty at every level of our organization. Congratulations to all of the award winners that recognized by PCinC Martin, particularly those well-traveled Brothers who received the Elmer “Bud” Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award! And congratulations to all of the elected and appointed officers for the 2017-2018 term. Commander-in-Chief Mark Day’s remarks were moving and timely, and we should all be excited to work with him and his agenda this year!

The Meritorious Service Award with Gold Star
-Dexter Bishop, Department MA
-David McReynolds Department TN
-Terry Dyer, Department IL
-Nick Kaup, Department IL
-Don Palmer, Department MO
-Henry Shaw, Department OH

Elmer (Bud) Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award
-Bob Wolz, Department Ohio
-Ed Krieser, Department Missouri
-Lee Stone, Department. Chesapeake
-Danny Wheeler, Department New York
-Rich Orr, Department Pennsylvania

Abraham Lincoln CinC’s Award – Camp Custer Camp #17, Department NJ

The Cornelius F. Whitehouse Award–
-Eugene G. Mortorff, Garfield Camp #1, Department Chesapeake
-Danny L. Wheeler, Sydney Camp #41, Department NY

The Meritorious Service Award-
-Michael P. Downs, Department TN
-Dave Daley, Department WI
-Daniel F. Rittel, Department Iowa
-Jeff Graf, Department WI

The David R. Medert Award – David A. Rish, Dept. OH 13 new members

The National Aide Award-
Doug Fidler, McTeer Camp #39, Dept. TN
Eric Richhart, Smith Camp #1, Dept CO/WO
Jeff Graf Col. Hans C. Heg Camp # 15, Dept. WI
James P. McGuire, Govs. Elisha Dyer Camp #7, RI
Steve Flickinger Sherman Camp #93, Dept. OH
David Rish, Parrott Camp #33, Dept. OH
James Johnson, Ruger Camp #1, Dept NC

The Augustus P. Davis/ Conrad Linder Award- Department of Ohio with 54

The Under Forty Award– Department of New Jersey with 10

Marshall Hope Award for Best Newsletter –
“The Sharpshooter” Robert Finch Camp # 14 Dept. MI
“The March”, Department GA/SC

The U.S. Grant Award – Department Georgia 60% increase in membership

The Horace Greeley Award- outstanding website. Department of Iowa

The Founder’s Award – The American Veterans Heritage Center, Dayton, Ohio

The Certificate of Recognition-
-Garrard County Public Library, Department of Kentucky
-Brother Bruce Austin, Major James H. Bridgewater Camp #7, Department of Kentucky