National Encampment Site Committee Announcement:

Just a friendly reminder that the last day you can make hotel reservations for Lansing is July 10, 2017. If you have not booked a room yet, please act fast. Also, we need more dinner reservations for this Encampment, and need your help. We are behind at this point, and will not make our numbers unless we get additional reservations. If you have not made dinner reservations, please do so, as we need your help. It is with your support That we can all help our Brothers in the Department of Michigan make this a great Encampment. If you have decided not to join us for dinner, please reconsider, as it is imperative to make it a success.

The National Encampment is fast approaching, and all ads must be submitted for the Program Book by July 10th. Their are still some spaces left, and it would be nice to fill all the pages. Please refer to the Encampment website for details on the cost of Rooms, Dinner and Program Ads. The Michigan Host Committee has been hard at work to make this a special Encampment. Thank you for your assistance.

In Fraternity, Charity & Loyalty

The National Encampment Site Committee