Independence – Our History and Ongoing Story
John W. Bates
National Patriotic Instructor

We have now celebrated our 238th Birthday in these United States, and we are a Nation that must remember her past, live in her present and prepare for her Future.

This experiment of A Democratic Republic is an ever evolving work in progress, and with the Guidance of The Almighty will never be quite finished. As Americans, we enjoy so many privileges that other parts of the world can only dream of. The Constitution of The United States guarantees certain inalienable rights to all citizens. These rights and privileges are so often taken by us all for granted. The Founding Fathers established these rights for all citizens into perpetuity so that we might all enjoy “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness”.

These rights, have come at a great price. From our founding in 1776, millions have served our Nation and many have made many sacrifices to safeguard these rights and our republic. The great civil war, (our crucible as a nation) tested as President Lincoln stated “whether this nation, or any nation so conceived can long endure”. This he spoke at Gettysburg, four months after the crucial conflict, and it truly resonates to us every day this country lives, our July 4th celebration must be tempered with honor and respect to all those who serve our nation, past, present and future. It is the spirit Of America that binds us all together to be one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.

As we move through our lives every day, let us honor our past, cherish our present, and dedicate our future to those unborn generations that will carry the torch forward passed to us by the Founding Fathers – A Nation United for all for all times!

  • Glenn S. Johnson ,

    WE have a need for Iowa or NE SUV to help on a $300 metal or bronze plaque. Our 300 graves
    for the GAR soldiers is in poor condition near 60 st NW Omaha, NE It seems the stars that hold the flags are around $35 or more, In the 134 yrs many are brozen or gone.
    Can I get help from IA or NE, the plot has a 40 foot Union soldier and 4 black 1865 cannons, from the Civil War era. I started in April and have gone no where, I know we can raise $230.00 our city has 500,000 pop. Any help my # is 402-895-5670 7am to 8:35am each day or after 7pm,