SUVCW members currently serving
in the Middle East

American Flag

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Sgt Jesse Miller
Signal Corps

Davis * Camp
Dept Pennsylvania

HM3 Tim Bennish
L. G. Armstrong Camp #49
Department of Wisconsin

Cpl Kyle J. Wildt
U.S. Marine Corps
4th Division, 1st Battalion, 24th Regt.
Archibald Stewart Camp #259
Department of Michigan
Maj. Michael Forsyth
Fort Donelson Camp #62
Department of Tennessee
Maj. William Samuel Poulton, Jr. (PCC)
New York Guard, Armored Cavalry
Abraham Lincoln Camp #6
Department of New York

Colonel Michael Sean Tuomey
Commander, 1398th Deployment Support Brigade Camp
Arifjan, Kuwait APO, AE 09366

Lincoln Camp 6
Department of NY.

PV2 William Carl Poulton
New York Guard, Military Police
Abraham Lincoln Camp #6
Department of New York
Pvt. Jeffrey Hilton
U.S. Marine Corps
Col. George L. Willard Camp #154
Department of New York

Maj. Matthew Hyland
New York National Guard
Capt. Oliver Tilden Camp #6
Department of New York
Col. Paul A. Schneider
New York National Guard
Capt. Oliver Tilden Camp #6
Department of New York

Lance Cpl. Douglas Shuttlesworth
3rd Battalion, 6th Marines
Gettysburg Camp #112
Department of Pennsylvania
Capt. William D. Linn II
U.S. Army, Special Services
Department of New York

MG David Zabecki
Commanding General
7th Army Reserve Command
National Member-at-Large
Cpl. Konrad Zabecki
U.S. Marine Corps
2nd Bn. 6th Marines
National Member-at-Large

R. David Neiss, Jr.
US Dept of State
American Embassy Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
D. G. Caywood Camp #146
Department of New York
  SSG Peter J. Bieber
6th Trans. Bn.
1133 Transportation Company
APO A E 09366
Jacob & Alonzo Abernethy Camp #48

Department of Iowa
CW3 Ryan Bartholf
US Army Co B, 82 Combat Aviation Brigade
Kandahar , Afghanistan
Army of the James Camp #1864


Lt. Col. York Barrett
U.S. Army Reserve
Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq
Gov. Isaac Stevent Camp #1 at large

Sgt. Gregory R. Decker

Missouri Army National Guard, Iraq.

Gen. Alexander S. Asboth Camp

Department of Missouri

Mark Riccio
APO AE 09356
Col. James D Brady Camp #63
Department of Maryland
Mr. Brian O.Remmey (Retired Army Major)
Serving as support for the troops with ITT Corporation (Security)
1 BN, 402nd AFSB
APO AE 09391
General George H. Thomas Camp #19
Department of Pennsylvania
Tech. Sgt. Daniel Redmond
U.S. Air Force
Sgt. William Pittenger Camp 21
Department of California and Pacific
PFC Aaron L.  Hooks PCC
PANG, 112 th Infantry
Henry S. Weaver Camp #71, Freeport, PA
Department of Pennsylvania
SPC Dunlevy Jr., Charles
236th ICTC  BAF
APO, AE 09354
John S. Townsend Camp 108
Department of Ohio



SSG Houston, John
414th CA BN HHC
APO AE 09344
Camp Victory, Bagdad, Iraq
SGT James H. Harris Camp 338
Department of Maryland
MAJ Matt Heffron
1/34 BCT, Minnesota Army National Guard
Kuwait / Iraq
Colonel William Colvill Camp #56
Department of Wisconsin and Minnesota






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