Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War
Department of New York

S.F. Smith Camp 193
Halsey Valley, NY

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The Halsey Valley GAR Hall was placed on the
National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

Camp Commander
R. Stuart Smith, Jr.

Schuyler F. Smith Camp 193
Meets at the GAR Hall built in 1894
By The Smith Camp's Members
And Their Fathers in the
Grand Army of the Republic's
Hagadorn Post 505 in Halsey Valley.

The Camp Meets on the First Sunday Afternoon of Each Month.

With assistance and guidance from William J. M. Rave, then New York Department Commander,
Sydney Camp 41, and other members of our Order, the
Halsey Valley Camp,
idle for many years, was finally reactivated in the Fall of 1998.

Halsey Valley Camp Reborn!

Members of the newly reactivated Halsey Valley Camp, with honored guests, at their September 1998 Meeting.

Danny Wheeler, then Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief, officiated until elections were held.
With one member still on the rolls, five dual members from Camp 41,
one dual member from Camp 146, and seven new members,
the Camp was reborn with a membership of 14.


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 Above: New York State Assemblyman Martin Luster
shows plaque he received as an Honorary Member of the SUVCW.


The 1st meeting of the "new" Camp 193 took place in the 1894 GAR Hall in Halsey Valley,
the interior adorned with memorabilia from the original meetings of the GAR.
Commander William Rave performed the installation of officers
and refreshments were provided by the Camp 193 Auxiliary.

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Above: Camp 193's GAR Hall in Halsey Valley, NY


For more information about S.F. Smith Camp 193
or to learn how to join the SUVCW:

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please contact the
Smith Camp Commander:

R. Stuart Smith, Jr.

1340 Parkwood Drive Apt 132

Macedon NY 14502-8616

Telephone 315 538-8207 Cell 585 747-3386


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