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Officer Training Course Instructions - NOTE: each lesson will require a different Username and Password to start the lesson, The National Patriotic Instructor will provide you with the necessary information.

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Please keep in mind that this course is just a tool to assist you in your education about the SUVCW and get you digging through our governing documents. The goal is to help you be a better leader, not to get the highest score. The score only matters in that over 75% is passing and you move to the next lesson. Fewer than 75%, you repeat the lesson. Otherwise the score really does not matter. Your scores are erased at course completion and your grades will not be published. If you know the correct answer, then the goal is accomplished.

This is not a traditional class with instructor and pupil interaction. A volunteer committee of experts wrote the course and answers. The program was put together by another Brother and put online. We only monitor the scores and track those who complete the program. We do not see your tests, only that you took it. The 75% score allows me to release the next test. Tests are electronically graded with no human intervention, the software only allows for 4 variants of the answer.

To keep answers secure, PCinC Medert and his course designers chose to not publish the answers.

There is no free or inexpensive software for testing that would work for our course. The tests are not perfect and we are striving to fine-tune them. But understand that there are limitations and please allow us the Brotherly understanding that this will be a work in progress.

Be aware that this type of test creates the possibility of many answer variations. The answers are right from the C & R, Rituals and Job descriptions. At times you may have the “correct” answer but are not matching one of the “APPROVED” variants. Try changing the word order, punctuation, or capitalization, adding or dropping a word, using a number or spell the number and so forth until your answer matches the computer. For best results try to keep the exact wording that you see, including several word answers. If that doesn’t work try combinations. The bottom line is, do you know the answer?


Update as of May 1, 2016: efforts are currently underway to modernize Memorial University, the testing interface and some of the hiccups and glitches that one experiences while working his way through the course.  In the meantime, please continue to use this module and best of luck as you complete the officers training course. 



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