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Sgt. N. F. Bates Camp No. 64





The N. F. Bates Camp#64 meets in Grinnell, Iowa.

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Ken Lindblom


Camp Officers

Camp Commander

Ken Lindblom

Senior Vice Commander

Don Black

Junior Vice Commander

Tim Francisco


M. Dann Hayes


John Keller

Camp Council

Don Black


Andrew Hayes


Dann Hayes





Named after Sgt. Norman F. Bates, of Malcom, Iowa. Sgt Bates served with the 4th Iowa Cavalry during the War of the Rebellion. He received the U.S. Medal of Honor for capturing a confederate battle flag. The flag  bearer on April 16, 1865 at Columbus. Ga. The new camp will keep the number of Grinnell's former Grand Army of the Republic (G. A. R.) Gordon Granger Post #64, which is of historical significance and value. The camp is also a sponsor of Camp Grinnell, a Civil War encampment developed for the 5th and 8th grade students from the Grinnell and Newton areas.




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