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Abernethy Camp #48

West Union




Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month, January through April and October through December at 9 a.m. at the Fayette County Historical Center in West Union.

Summer monthly meetings will be held at various civil war reenactments when a quorum can be achieved.




Court Stahr


Camp Officers

Camp Commander

Mark Creery

Senior Vice Commander

Shane Christen

Junior Vice Commander

Steve Valley


Court Stahr, PCC


Court Stahr, PCC

Camp Council

Court Stahr, PCC


David Christen


Tanner Creery




Ron Soppe

Graves Registration Officer

Shane Christen


David Christen





The SUVCW Abernethy Camp 48 continues, with pride, the name and number of the Grand Army of the Republic Post 48 of West Union.

The Abernethy Post 48 was named in honor of Jacob Abernethy of Leo, IA in Fayette County.

Twenty-three year old Jacob enlisted as a First Sergeant in Co. F, 3rd Iowa Volunteer Infantry. Jacob was the first to enlist from Fayette County and the first to enlist from Upper Iowa University in Fayette which produced the famous ‘University Recruits’, Co. C, 12th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. Jacob advanced to the Field and Staff of the 3rd Iowa Veteran Volunteers and gave his last full measure on July 21, 1864 outside of Atlanta, GA.

Our Camp is also honoring Jacob’s brother, Alonzo. Twenty-five year old Alonzo enlisted as a First Sergeant in Co. F, 9th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. Alonzo also advanced to the Field and Staff, but in the 9th Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry.

Alonzo survived the War of the Rebellion and returned to serve as a Congressman to the Iowa State House, President of Des Moines College, and President of Chicago University, Iowa Superintendent of Public Instruction and served for twenty-one years as the President of Cedar Valley Seminary in Osage.




Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty