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The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
Ron Wagner SUVCW Anna Ross # 1 Philadelphia, Pa.
Vernon Wagner SUVCW / USNLP NEW YORK / MASS. 134 Cobleskill, NY SPO Pay Steward
David L. Waldron SUVCW Michigan Alexander French No. 28 Big Rapids, MI Jr. Vice Commander,
Kevin Waldroup SUVCW Indiana Ben Harrison #365 Fishers, IN
Chad D. Walker SUVCW
TN Missionary Ridge Camp #63
18th US Infantry
Eugene Walker SUVCW,, 4, Springfield, Il.
Ken R. Walker SUVCW CA & Pac. Gen. W. S. Rosecrans Camp #2 Los Angeles, CA
Terri Walker ASUVCW Rachel Cormany No.2 Tulsa OK Secretary
David F. Wallace SUVCW MI Gov. Crapo Camp #145 Flint, MI Past National Secretary,
David T. Wallace SUVCW MI Gov. Crapo Camp #145 Flint, MI
John Wall SUVCW Member-At-Large Walnut, MS
Roger Alan Walton SUVCW Colorado/Wyoming Centennial Camp 100 Colorado
Alan R. Wambold SUVCW Wisconsin Lt. Alonzo H. Cushing Camp #5 Saukville, WI SVC
Gary Ward SUVCW NH Major McKinley # 9 Lebanon, NH Camp Commander
John D. Ward SUVCW OH Gov. William Dennison Camp #1 Columbus, OH Camp Commander
Christopher Warren SUVCW, SVR Missouri McCormick Camp 215 & U.S> Grant Camp 68 Farmington & St. Louis MO Dept. Sec. & Tres. and Camp Commander
William Warren suvcw 25 Blackstone, Mass
Brian Watkins SUVCW Dept of the Texas Gen. James J. Byrne Camp #1 Fort Worth Member
olan watkins suvcw Texas Lone Star #1 fort worth member
David Wear SUVCW/ACWA Calif. and Pacific Abe Lincoln #10 Santa Cruz Member
George J. Weinmann SUVCW NY Oliver Tilden Camp #26 Brooklyn, NY Camp Commander
Mark Weiss SUVCW MI Austin Blair Camp #7 Jackson, MI
Vicky Weiss ASUVCW MI Austin Blair Camp #7 Auxiliary Jackson, MI Auxiliary President
Steve Welch SVR California & Pacific Phil Sheridan #4 San Jose CA Counsel
Leonard Wells Karaite Jews of America,VFW,DAV,MCA
Jason Wetzel SUVCW Camp-At-Large James B. McPherson #1 Atlanta, Georgia Junior Vice Commander (Recruiting)
Robert Whaley SUVCW Ca & Pac General WS Rosecrans Camp #2 Los Angeles, CA
J. Marc Wheat SUVCW MD Lincoln-Cushing Camp #2 Camp Treasurer
Danny Wheeler SUVCW NY PCinC,
Peter Whelpton SUVCW New Hampshire J.S. Durgin, # 7 Boscawen PCC
Warren Whitby III SUVCW Member-at-Large
Robert White Jr. SUVCW MD Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Camp #20
Gary E. White SUVCW SW Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lea USN Camp #2 Houston, TX Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Todd White SUVCW Texas Col. E. Ellsworth 18 Dallas area Member
John M Whitman SUVCW Oklahoma Indian Nation Camp. #3 Tulsa, OK True Son
Betsy Whittinghill DAR Fordsville, KY Atlanta, GA descendent
Thomas Wightman SUVCW MI U.S. Grant Camp #101 Detroit, MI
Robert Wilhelm SUVCW New Jersey Lyon Camp 10 Vineland Dept. Commander, PCC
Joseph Wilhems SUVCW OH Gen. McPherson Camp #66 Camp Commander
Marlene Wilkinson DUVCW TN Detached Tent #1 Memphis, TN
Todd Wilkinson SUVCW Missouri Phelps No. 66 Springfield, MO Commander
Mark Willard SUVCW At-Large Private Elias Moon Camp #2 Snellville, GA Provisional Senior Vice-Commander
John Williams SUVCW Oklahoma David L. Payne Stillwater, OK Commander
Kenneth D. Williams SUVCW PA J. C. Markle Post 6223 Camp #47 Camp SVC
Larry Williams SUVCW Maine Haskel Marston 56 Yarmouth DC>CC
Steve Williams SUVCW Indiana Camp 17 Champion Hill Huntington
Sinclair William S.U.V.C.W / S.A.R Florida
Richard R. Willich SUVCW
Doug Wilson SUVCW,
Colorado/Wyoming Centennial Camp No. 100 Denver CO
Doug Wilson SUVCW CO & WY Centennial Camp #100 Denver, CO PDC,
James Edward Wilson SUVCW General George Armstrong Custer Camp # 1 Oak Park, Illinois USA
James Edward Wilson SUVCW General George Armstrong Custer Camp # 2 United States of America
Ken Wilson SUVCW Ohio Gen. Wm. H. Lytle, Camp#10 Cincinnati PCC ken_betty_wilson@msn. com
Mark Wilson SUVCW
Richard S. Wilson SUVCW NY Oliver Tilden Camp #26 New York City, NY
Barry R. Winn SUVCW TN Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson Camp #1 Montgomery, AL
Brad Winn Snow College Ephrain Utah Provost Vice President Academic Affairs Ephraim Utah Vice President
Robert Winters, Sr. SUVCW Indiana Ben Harrison #356 Frankfort
marc witkovski svr nebraska shiloh lincoln,ne chaplain
Edward Wittkofski SUVCW CT Wooster-Russell #22 Shelton, CT Camp Organizer
Robert J. Wolz SUVCW OH PDC, Past SVCinC, Natl. Historian Bob.Wolz@CraftsmanDesigns.Com
Karl Woodcock SUVCW Maryland Antietam #3 Frederick, MD Camp Commander
Robert Worden SUVCW Maryland James A. Garfield Camp No. 1 Baltimore, MD N/A
Chuck Worley SUVCW Michigan March to the Sea Camp 135 Sturgis Camp Commander
Robert Wrigley SUVCW Pennsylvania 502 Mt Union Church, Rockwood, PA Secretary
Robert Wrigley SUVCW Pennsylvania Mt Union Church #502 Mt Union Church, Rockwood, PA Secretary

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