Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
Jeffrey Vaillant SUVCW California and Pacific General William Passmore Carlin Camp 25 Gardnerville, Nevada Secretary-Tresurer
Kenneth Van Alstyne SUVCW National At Large Elias Moon #2 Atlanta, GA
Norm Vance SUVCW MI Colegrove-Woodruff Camp #22 Marshall, MI
William J. Vance SUVCW,
Maryland 7th West Virginia Infantry Camp 7 Franklin, WV Secretary/Treasurer or
Roy Varga SUVCW CA & Pacific Camp 24 Gen. Alfred Pleasonton East Bay, CA Member
Bob Verney, Sr. SUVCW NJ Abraham Lincoln Camp #100 Hightstown, NJ
William Vieira SUVCW Rhode Island Col. Zenas R. Bliss Greenville, Rhode Island Past Department Commander
Michael Virts SUVCW Maryland Lincoln-Cushing Camp # 2 Washington, DC Commander
Seth J. Vogelman SUVCW NY
William Volonte SUVCW New Jersey Gen. George A. Custer Hackensack, N.J. Member

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