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The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
William Radell SUVCW Pennsylvania 43 Kittanning, PA Camp Junior Vice Commander,
Camp Signals Officer
Scott Rader SUVCW PA Gettysburg Camp #112 Gettysburg, PA Camp JVC
Novak Randy SUVCW Wisconsin 8,
Oshkosh, Wisconsin PCC,
John Rapp SUVCW PA Gen. Geo.H.Thomas Camp # 19 Lancaster, PA
Jay Rarick SUVCW Chesapeake Irish Brigade Camp #4 Fredericksburg, VA Camp Commander
William J.M. Rave SUVCW NY Col. George L. Willard Camp #154 Albany, NY PDC,
Dept. Secretary,
geoffrey reddall SUVCW
Andy Redmond SUVCW PA Anna M. Ross Camp #1 Phila.
Jerry Reed SUVCW NY Stewart-Hope Camp #126 Oneida, NY Camp Secretary
LTC Charles Joseph Reed SUVCW CA & Pac. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton Camp #24 East Bay, CA Camp SVC
Eric S. Reese ACWA Calif. and Pacific Sedguick-Granger #17 Huntington Beach member
Timothy P. Reese SUVCW CA & Pac. Lincoln Camp #10 Santa Cruz/Monterey, CA Camp JVC
Timothy Paul Reese SUVCW, Calif. & Pacific Abe Lincoln #10 Salinas, CA. PCC
Jim Rees SUVCW IA Col. Noah W. Mills Camp #45 Adel, IA Camp Commander
Thomas W. Reidenbach Sr. SUVCW PA Gettysburg Camp #112 Gettysburg, PA
Don Reid SUVCW
Connecticut H. A. Grant Camp 24 Enfield, CT Camp Commander
Dept. Secretary
Don Reid SUVCW MA Willie Grout #25 Worcester JVC
Brian Remmey SUVCW PA 19 Lancaster Junior Vice Commander
Jon Rhoades SUVCW / SAR California Gen. W.S. Rosecrans Camp 2 Los Angeles
Sherman Richard A. SUVCW New York Cpl. James Tanner Camp #134 Cobleskill PCC - Camp Council - Historian - Schoharie County Civil War Monument Project Chairman
Eric Richhart SUVCW Colorado/Wyoming Lot Smith #1 Salt Lake City, UTAH Dept/Camp SecTreas
Thomas Ricks SUVCW Pennsylvania Anna M. Ross, Camp #1 Philadelphia Camp Counsel
John Riggs Gen. Wm. Passmore Carlin of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) California & the Pacific 25 Reno, NV Sr Vice-Commander
Daniel Rittel SUVCW
Iowa Grenville M. Dodge #75 Des Moines PCC
Ron Rittel SUVCW,
Iowa Power/Dunlavy Camp #3,
G.M. Dodge Camp #75,
N.F. Bates Camp #64
Bloomfield, IA ,
Grinnell, IA ,
Des Moines, IA
PCC, Camp Council
Ron Rittel SUVCW IA Col. Mills Camp #45 Camp Secretary
Amsler, Jr. Robert SUVCW Missouri U.S. Grant Camp Saint Louis, Missouri Past Camp Commander
Kenneth Robison SUVCW Georgia & South Carolina Charles Devens Jr. Camp No. 10 Columbia, South Carolina Past Camp Commander
Judy Rock LGAR Under National Circle #55 New Baltimore, MI National Secretary, Bugle Call Editor
Reynaldo Rodriguez SUVCW Massachusetts Willie Grout Camp #25 Worcester,Massachusetts
Reynaldo Rodriguez SUVCW MA Willie Grout #25 Worcester,MA Secretary/Treasurer
Dawn Roe LGAR Member at Large
Chip Rogers SUVCW OH Gov. William Dennison Camp #125
Nason Roger SUVCW NH Charles W. Canney Camp #5 Rochester, NH Senior Vice Commander
Andrew Rose SUVCW Ohio McClellan, # 91 Alliance, Ohio Chaplain
Andrew Rose SUVCW Ohio McClellan, No. 91 Alliance, Ohio Chaplain
David Rose SUVCW Ohio McClellan #91 Alliance Member
John Ross SUVCW TN Farragut Camp #6 Savannah, TN
Mike Rowley SUVCW Iowa Grenville Dodge #75 Des Moines, Iowa
Randy Rucker SUVCW,
Ohio Vienna Portsmouth Ohio
Merle Rudebusch SUVCW Member-at-Large
Blair Rudy SUVCW Texas Camp 18 Colonel E.E. Ellsworth- McKinney North Texas PDC
Dept. Eagle Scout Coordinator
Lance Runion SUVCW National at Large Little Rock, AR member
Lance Runion SUVCW National at Large
Kathy Rusk ASUVCW Oklahoma Rachel Cormany #2 Tulsa President
Michael Rusk SUVCW
Okla Indian Nations Camp #3 Tulsa P.C.C.
Dept SVC
Steven C. Russell SUVCW IA C. H. Huntley Camp #114 Mason City, IA Camp SVC
Alan L. Russ SUVCW KS Old Abe Camp #16 Topeka, KS PDC,
Camp Secretary
John Rutherford SUVCW MO Phelps Camp #66 Springfield, MO Dept. Secretary,
Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Theodore Ryan SUVCW PA Sgt. Jones Bradbury Media-West Chester

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