Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
Charlie Mabie SUVCW ,
CA and Pacific Alfred Pleasonton Camp 24 Commander
Keith W. Macferran SUVCW PA Brobst Camp #23 Lititz, PA Dept. Fraternal Relations Chair,
Camp Commander
Keith S. MacGregor SUVCW PA Gettysburg Camp #112,
Memorial Camp #300
Donald Mack SUVCW Pennsylvania John T. Crawford Camp #43
Edward T. Maguire SUVCW FL Sgt. Frederick Jackson Camp #7
Michael Maillard SUVCW MI Austin Blair Camp #7 Jackson, MI Council
Fred Main SUVCW,
30th OVI
Ohio Banning Camp 207 Mount Vernon, OH Camp secretary
Linn Malaznik SUVCW CA 4 San Jose
George Malinoski SUVCW New York Col. George L. Willard Camp #154 Albany Chaplain
Johnny Manley SUVCW Oklahoma Sgt. Jacob Overturf Broken Arrow, OK Camp Commander
John Manning SUVCW Massachusetts Satuit #3188 Scituate, MA Camp Secretary
George Maple 25th Massachusetts Massachusetts Willie Grout #25 Worcester, Massachusetts Jr Vice Commander,Historian
George Maple SUVCW Massachusetts Willie Grout #25 Worcester,Massachusetts Jr Vice Comm, Historian
George Maple SUVCW MA Willie Grout #25 Worcester Sr.Vice
Perry (Bud) Marks SUVCW MO Westport Camp #64 Camp Commander
Hageman Mark SUVCW, SCARD NY Weber Camp #44 Lackawanna, NY
E. J. Marshall SUVCW Member-at-Large Valdosta, GA
Ronald Martin-Minnich VFW Post #10028,
John J. Martin SUVCW MO Westport Camp #64 Kansas City, MO PDC
Dept. Archivist
Steven Martin SUVCW Ca.& Pac. Col. E.E. Ellswoth # 23 1945 Pinner RD. Sp.52 Santa Rosa,Ca.95403 Sr.V.Commander
Joe Marti SUVCW, SVR California & Pacific Phil Sheridan 4 San Jose, Calif. SVC, SVR Commander Co. C 8th Cal.
William Mason SUVCW NY Oliver Tilden Camp #26 Brooklyn, NY
Richard Massey SUVCW Massachusetts Willie Grout Camp #25
Camp #18
Worcester, Massachusetts Secretary/Treasurer
William R. Massey SUVCW,
Tennessee Missionary Ridge Chattanooga, TN Chaplain
William Timothy Massey SUVCW,
Tennessee Missionary Ridge Chattanooga, TN
Lt. Col. Leslie P. Matheson SUVCW Member-at-Large Mary Esther, FL
Anthony Matijasick SUVCW, SVR, 28th PA Hist Assn. Pennsylvania Anna M. Ross Camp #1 Philadelphia, PA Graves Registration Officer
Peter Matijasick SUVCW
28th Penna. Vol. Inf.
Pennsylvania Anna M Ross #1 Philadelphia, PA
Toll Matt SUVCW Kansas Franklin #5 Olathe Camp Commander/Department Council Member
Virgil O. Matz SUVCW WI Col. Henry Harnden Camp # 2 Madison, WI Department GRO
Angelo Mauceri SUVCW Baker Portland, Oregon Musician
Angelo Mauceri SUVCW Baker Portland, Oregon Musician
John MAURATH Fremont's Body Guard Author of book about this unit Member, Missouri Civil War Museum St. Louis, Missouri
Roger Mays SUVCW Ohio Capt John Bruck Camp #96 Hamilton Ohio Commander
Bill May SUVCW PA Davis * Camp Pittsburgh, PA
William B. McAfee SUVCW MI Carpenter-Welch Camp #180 Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti, MI Dept. Chaplain,
PCC, Camp Chaplain
James A. McCafferty SUVCW MD Lincoln-Cushing Camp #2 PCC
Henry McCarl SUVCW MA William Tabor Camp #162 Methuen, MA Camp Treasurer
Robert McClain SUVCW OH William Dennison #125
Roger McClary SUVCW Michigan Gen. John A. Logan #1 Grand Rapids
Dean McCleese SUVCW,
Ohio Vienna Portsmouth
John McClellan SUVCW
Ohio Vienna #26 Portsmouth Ohio secretary-SUV
James Albert McCracken SUVCW Sgt. Philemon H. McCracken Camp #50 Camp Commander
Ron McCracken SUVCW FL Lucius L. Mitchell Camp #4 Camp Commander
Brian McCutchen SUVCW TN Farragut Camp #6 Savannah, TN
Charles McGillicuddy SUVCW Maine Garfield #1 Waterville, Maine Past Department SVC, Past Camp Commander
Bradley S. McGowan SUVCW IA Twombly Camp #2 Iowa City, IA Camp Commander
James McGuire SUVCW Rhode Island Elisha Dyer Camp no. 7 Cranston, RI Secretary",
"Chief of Staff
Daniel McLaughlin SUVCW California and Pacific Sgt. William Pittenger San Diego, CA
Daniel McLean SUVCW Maryland Member at large
Douglas McLear S.U.V.C.W. New York Gen. Newton Martin Curtis 142 Ogdensburg, New York Camp Guard and Councilor
Brian McManus SUVCW, SVR Wisconsin C.K. Pier Badger Camp # 1 Milwaukee, WI Camp Commander, Dept. Council
William McMaster SUVCW,
Pa 43 Kittanning PCC,
M. McMillian SUVCW Kentucky, Ohio Nelson-Garfield.Mem. Cp #3
Ann McMillin DUVCW NY Bridge Water, NY Julia Hibbard Tent #71 Carlisle, PA Past Department President
Douglas McMillin SUVCW PA Gettysburg camp 112 Carlisle, PA
Joshua McMillin SUVCW PA Gettysburg camp 112 Carlisle, PA
Michael W. McMillin SUVCW MI Major Henry Wallace Camp #160 Camp Junior Vice-Commander
John M. McNulty SUVCW PA Joel Searfoss Camp #273 Bangor, PA Department Commander
Michael D. McRitche SUVCW North Carolina MG Thomas H. Ruger Camp #1 Fayetteville, NC Associate
Dale McRitchie SUVCW North Carolina MG Thomas H. Ruger Camp #1 Fayettevill, NC Member
Patrick McRitchie SUVCW North Carolina MG Thomas H. Ruger Camp #1 Fayettevill, NC Member
Daniel Means SUVCW Ohio Philip Treim Camp #43 Salem, OH Member, SVR
David R. Medert SUVCW OH PCinC,
National Council of Administration,
David V. Medert SUVCW,
OH Battery I, 1st Ohio Light Artillery Chillicothe, OH PCinC, PDC,
Past SVR Brigadier General & Commanding Officer,
Battery I Commander
David V Medert SUVCW/SVR Ohio Enderlin #73 Chillicothe, OH PCC/Commander SVR
Dan Meehan SUVCW NH Charles W. Canney Camp #5 Rochester, NH Past Camp Commander
Perley Mellor SUVCW MASS Willie Grout #25 Worcester, MA PCC
Susan Mertz ASUVCW Pennsylvania Auxiliary #10 Scranton Department President, Auxiliary President
Tom Meyering SUVCW NY Adm John Worden Camp 150 Poughkeepsie Camp Commander
shirish Mhetre 11235465 A.T.l campes
Danielle Michaels ASUVCW WI Past National President
Jim Michaels SUVCW PA 112 Gettysburg
Steve Michaels SUVCW, SVR WI C.K. Pier Badger Camp #1 Milwaukee, WI Past Commander-in-Chief,
Downs Michael SUVCW, SVR IN D. D. Porter, #116 Valpariso Camp Commander
Downs Michael SUVCW,
IN D.D. Porter #116 Valpariso Camp Commander
Geoffrey Michael SUVCW TN Farragut Camp #6 Savannah, TN
Jim Middleton SUVCW CA and Pacific George Wright Camp 22 Sacramento, CA Newsletter Editor
Gregg A. Mierka, PDC "RI Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, RI MOLLUS,"
"RI GAR Museum"
Rhode Island Elisha Dyer Camp No.7 "Providence",
"Secretary-Treasurer, RI SUVCW Camp 7",
"Commander, RI MOLLUS",
"Acting Director, RI GAR Museum"
Gregg A. Mierka SUVCW RI Elisha Dyer Camp #7 PDC,
Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Mary V. Mierka ASUVCW RI Elisha Dyer Camp #7 Auxiliary Dept. President,
Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Edward Milford SUVCW Pennsylvania Camp #19 Lancaster PCC
George S. Miller, Jr. SUVCW New York Ellis Camp 124
Oliver Tilden Camp 26
Charter & Life Member
Ralph R. Miller, Jr. SUVCW,
Maryland Lincoln-Cushing Washington, DC Dept. Commander,
Commander Co. A SVR
Ralph Miller, Jr. SUVCW, SVR, VFW, Amer. Legion, Army & Navy Union, MOLLUS Maryland Lincoln/Cushing Camp No. 2 Washington, DC PCC, PDC
Dan Miller SUVCW KY Maj. Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden Camp #2 Lexington, KY
Darlene Miller ASUVCW MI Austin Blair Camp #7 Jackson, MI
Max Miller SUVCW MI Austin Blair Camp #7 Jackson, MI PCC
Scott B. Miller SUVCW New York Col. A.V.H. Ellis Camp 124 Goshen, New York Charter Member
William Miller SUVCW, SVR Ga & SC Kennesaw Mountain #3 Marietta, GA PCC, Sec/Tres, Dept Hist
Tony Mills SUVCW UT Lot Smith Camp #1 Camp Newsletter Editor
Thomas C. Milton SUVCW Ben Harrison Camp #356 PCC
James Miracle SUVCW OHIO Gen. B. D. Fearing, #2 Marietta, Ohio Camp Secretary/Treasurer
Missouri Civil War Museum Missouri Historic Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri Director
Anthony G. Mollo SUVCW NY Oliver Tilden Camp #26 Brooklyn, NY
Yale W. Mooers SUVCW Maj. Gen. Thomas H. Ruger Camp #7 Camp-at-Large Camp Commander
Harrison G. Moore IV SUVCW,
Texas Lt. Cdr. Edward Lea USN Camp No. 2 Houston, Texas PDC, Life Member, TX MOLLUS past Recorder
Michael Moore SUVCW At-Large & Dept. of New Hampshire Picacho Peak Camp #1; J.S. Durgin Camp #7 Oro Valley, AZ PDC
Michael Moore SUVCW NH J. S. Durgin Camp #7 PDC,
Camp SVC
Robert Moore SUVCW Maryland Luray-Carlisle Reunion 1881 Luray, Virginia Commander
Judy Morgan ASUVCW OH John S. Townsend Aux. #108 Frost PDP & National Secretary-ASUVCW
Lance Morgan Regular TN Sultana Germantown member
David Moritz SUVCW,
Ohio Vienna Portsmouth Ohio
Don Moritz SUVCW,
Ohio VIenna Portsmouth Ohio
William Morris SUVCW MI Gov. Henry Crapo Camp #145 Flint, MI
Gerald Mosley SUVCW UT Lot Smith Camp #1 Camp Chaplain
Fred Mossbrucker SUVCW,
New Jersey Col. Louis R. Francine, Camp #7 Hammonton, NJ Secretary,
Kevin B. Motter SUVCW Maj. Gen. Thomas H. Ruger Camp #1 Camp-at-Large Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Kevin Motter SUVCW At-Large Maj. Gen. Thomas H. Ruger# 1 Fayetteville, NC Secretary/Treasurer
Terry Moyer SUVCW Utah Coordinator - Nat. Park Service,
CW Soldiers System
The Rev. Fr. Philip Mullen SUVCW Florida Lt. Adam J. Slemmer Camp 6 Pensacola Chaplain
John M. Mumper SUVCW MD Lincoln-Cushing Camp #2 Washington, DC
Jerry Murphy SUVCW TN Collinwood, TN
Jan Myers SUVCW Gov. Isaac Stevens Camp #1 Washington State Camp-at-Large
Michael Myers S.U.V.C.W. Marland Camp # 9 Spencer,West Virginia Commander

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