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The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
Kevin LaBarge SUVCW Massachusetts William L. S. Tabor # 162 Methuen, Ma Camp Commander
David LaBrot SUVCW Texas Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lea Camp #2 Houston, Texas Camp Commander
David Ladd SUVCW Wisconsin William Colvill Litchfield, MN Past Camp Commander
Thomas D. Ladner SUVCW MI Gen. Phil Kearney Camp #67 Bay City, MI
Roy Lafferty SUVCW Kansas Sgt. Samule J. Churchill Camp #4 Lawrence PDC, Dept. PI
Walter Lafty SUVCW PA Baker-Fisher 101 Hatboro Patriotic Instructor
Walt Lafty SUVCW PA Anna M. Ross 1 Philadelphia
Kurt D. Lafy SUV Pennsylvania Private Silas Gore Camp #141 Bradford County Camp Commander
Bruce Craig Laine SUVCW WI Major General John Gibbon Camp #4 Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Cliff Laing SUVCW PA E.D. Baker Camp
Lindin (Bucky) Lairson SUVCW Kentucky Camp #5 pvt. ltraylairson
Lindin (Bucky) Lairson SUVCW Kentucky Elijah P Marrs Camp #5 Pvt.
David M. Lamb 1/SGT. 49th Iowa Vol.Inf. Reg't. Iowa Grenville Dodge # 75 Des Moines, IA Chief-of-Staff
David M. Lamb Company "A" 49th Iowa VIR Iowa Grenville M. Dodge Des Moines, Iowa Dept Chief of Staff; Camp Commander
Harry Lamb SUVCW Pa Anna M. Ross 1 Phila
L. Dean Lamphere Jr. SUVCW
Kerry Langdon SUVCW Ohio Gen William H Lytle Cincinnati Camp Commander
Scott Langston SUVCW SW Gen. James J. Byrne Camp #1
Raymond Lantz SUVCW Florida 6 Pensacola
Wes Latchford SUVCW Maryland Col. James D. Brady #63 Hampton Roads, VA
Richard Laughner SUVCW,
PA 112 Gettysburg Gettysburg, PA
Thomas Lauria SUVCW Tennessee General James H. Wilson #1 Montgomery, AL Secretary - Treasurer
Dale H. Leach SUVCW TX Edward Lea #2 Houston, TX
Kim Leese SUVCW MI Gen. Phil Kearney Camp #67 Bay City, MI
Andrew Lefko SUVCW PA Sgt. Jones Bradbury Camp #149 Media/West Chester, PA Camp Commander
Steven Leicht SUVCW MO U.S. Grant Camp #68 St. Louis, MO Dept. Commander
Joy A. Leistritz DUVCW Missouri Julia Dent Grant Tent #16 St.Louis President 2003-04
Paul Leistritz SUVCW,SVR Missouri Wm. T Sherman (Billy Yank) #65 St.Louis pcc
John Lemons SUVCW
William Leonard, Jr SUVCW, SVR PA Jones Bradbury #149 West Chester, PA Member
Martin W. Lester SUVCW MD Irish Brigade Camp #4 Camp Commander
Roger Lester SUVCW Indiana Ben Harrison Anderson, Indiana
Dean E. Letzring SUVCW SW Edward Lea Camp #2 Houston, TX PDC, PCC
Ron Lewis SUVCW Michigan Austin Blair Camp No. 7 Jackson, Michigan Camp Cammander
Mark Liby SUVCW Ulysses S. Grant Camp #68 MO
Jon Lickey SUVCW ILLINOIS Col. John Bryner Camp #67 Peoria Dept JVC /Camp Commander
Kevin Lindsey SUVCW MI Gen. Richardson Camp No.2 Oakland County, MI Camp Commander
Dept. Secretary
Harvey Linscott SUVCW, SVR Florida Gen. Eugene A. Carr Camp #5 Ocala, Fl Dept. Commander
Any Lippincott vet,
FL # 7 Sgt Frederick Jackson Pembroke Pines PCC # 3,
Dept Sec Treas
Danial F. Lisarelli SUVCW,
MI Curtenius Guard Camp #17,
TX Commandery
Houston, TX
Kathy Litster ASUVCW UT Lot Smith Camp #1 Auxiliary President
Donald B Littlefield SUVCW
California & Pacific 22 Folsom, CA Member
Hugh Livesay SUVCW,
Ohio Vienna Portsmouth Ohio
Warren Livingston SUVCW Missouri Tiger Camp 432 Columbia Missouri Member
Warren Livingston SUVCW Mo. Tiger camp #432 Columbia, Mo. Chaplin
Ken London SUVCW Massachusetts Camp 104 Wakefield MA Treasurer,
Signals Officer
Howard R. Longacre SUVCW PA General George H. Thomas Camp #19 Lancaster, PA
Raymond H. Longacre SUVCW PA General George H. Thomas Camp #19 Lancaster, PA
Sandie Longpre DUVCW Michigan Juliet E Stevens Tent 14 Corunna Dept Secretary
Alan R. Loomis SUVCW IN David D. Porter Camp # 116 Valparaiso, Indiana PCinC,
Martin W. Lowery, Sr. SUVCW,
OH John S. Townsend #108 Frost OH Camp Sec/Treas.
Bill Lowe SUVCW MI Austin Blair Camp #7 Jackson, MI PCC,
Grave Registration Officer
Bob Lowe SUVCW CA & Pac. Sgt. William Pittenger Camp #21 Escondido, CA PDC,
Dorothy Lowe ASUVCW MI Austin Blair Camp #7 Aux Jackson, MI President
Rosemary Lowe ASUVCW CA & Pac. El Cajon, CA Past President
Tom Lowe SUVCW IN Ben Harrison Camp #356 Sellersburg, IN
Anthony C. Lucero SUVCW,
Gov. Isaac Stevens Camp #1,
MO Commandery
Des Moines, WA
Kenneth R. Lucier SUVCW RI Joel Abbott Camp #21 Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Daniel Lynch SUVCW New Jersey George A. Custer Camp # 17 Northern New Jersey PCC G.A. Custer Camp # 17, Commander Dept. of New Jersey
Steven Lynes Sr. SUVCW CA. & PAC. GEN. Rosecrans Camp #2 Lompoc, CA.
Paul Lynes SUVCW CA & Pacific GEN. Rosecrans Camp #2 Lompoc, CA.
Charles Lyons SUVCW P.H Sheridan Camp # 2 Aurora, IL Pvt.
Jim Lyons SUVCW MI Curtenius Guard Camp #17 Lansing/Sunfield, MI Past National Secretary,
Michael Lyons SUVCW Sam Houston # 3 San Antonio
James Lyon SUVCW Illinois John A Logan #26 Rockford, Illinois IMALYONCUB@MSN.COM

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