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The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
Donald Gage SUVCW,
Iowa Robert Anderson Camp #33 Waterloo, Iowa Past Dept. Jr. Vice Commander for the State of Iowa SUVCW.
Lynne Gallaudet-Dolan DUVCW New York Kady Brownell Tent#36 Long Island, NY NY Dept Chaplain
Sam Gant SUVCW Tennessee Fort Donelson Camp #62 Cedar Hill, TN Past Department Commander, Dept. of Tennessee, Past Camp Commander
Geoffrey Gardner SUVCW Rhode Island 7 Warwick Camp Commander
Dan Gargel SUVCW PA Baker-Fisher #101 Hatboro, PA Secretary
Englestad Gary SUV New Jersey Francine #7 Hammonton Member
Kenneth Gavin SUVCW,
Co. C 28th Penna. Vol. Inf.
New Jersey
Anna M. Ross Camp #1,
Hiram Pursell Camp #104
Philadelphia Commander (Ross Camp)
Dennis Geesaman SUVCW, SVR Iowa Robert Mitchell #206 Marion Secretary/Treasurer
Duane Gettings SUVCW OH Gen. McPherson Camp #66 Toledo, OH Camp Commander
Gary L. Gibson SUVCW MI Benjamin Pritchard Camp #20 Kalamazoo, MI PDC,
Richard F. Gibson SUVCW NY Gen. Newton M. Curtis #142 Ogdensburg, NY Camp Commander
Neil Giffey SUVCW WI Col. Henry Harnden Camp #2 Dodgeville, WI
Matthew Gillespie SUVCW MD Buckhannon #49 Buckhannon, WV Camp Commander
David Gillis General Israel B. Richardson Michigan SUVCW Campt No. 2 Oakland County, Michigan Member
Ronald Gill SUVCW IN National Council of Administration,
Dept. Commander
Michael Gilmore SUVCW IN Ben Harrison Camp #356 Indianapolis, IN
Bruce N. Glaser SUVCW NY Abraham Lincoln #6 Rochester, NY Camp Commander
Brian Glass Texas Gen. James J. Byrne Camp #1 North Texas
John W. Gleason SUVCW NY Col. A.V. Ellis Camp #124 Senior Vice Camp Commander
Jay Godin SUVCW New Jersey # 17 George Armstrong Custer Camp Sea Girt Patriotic Instructor MAXPOWERS@VERIZON.NET
Jay Godin SUVCW New Jersey #17 George Armstrong Custer Sea Girt Camp Color Bearer MAXPOWERS@VERIZON.NET
Stephen Godjas SUVCW PA 68th PA Volunteers 1st Sergeant
Theodore H. Golab SUVC, SVR Georgia & South Carolina Elisa Moon Camp #2 Georgia Department Commander, Elisa Moon Camp #2 CC PCC SVR 2nd Lt. USMC #7 IG CC
Theodore H. Golab SUVC, < SVR Georgia & South Carolina Elisa Moon Camp #2 Georgia Department Commander,< Elisa Moon Camp #2 >< PCC>< SVR>< 2nd Lt.>< USMC>< #7 >< CC
Vern Goodrich SUVCW MI Austin Blair Camp #7 Jackson, MI
Robert Goodyear SUVCW New Jersey General George Armstrong Custer Camp #17
Dr. Donald E. Gradeless SUVCW WI C.K. Pier Badger Camp #1
Thomas T. Graham SUVCW,
California & Pacific Phil Sheridan #4,
Company C 8th California Volunteer Infanctry
San Jose, CA SVC,
Tim Graham SUVCW,Cleveland Grays Ohio James A. Garfield #142 Cleveland Past Camp Commander,Fund raiser
Rob Grandchamp SUVCW Vermont Essex, VT Department Secretary
Donald L. Grant Sr. SUVCW OH Gov. William Dennison Camp #125 Albany, OH Dept. Commander & Memorials Officer,
Camp Commander
Elisha Mallory, Jr Grant SUVCW Massachusetts Willie Grout Camp #25 Worcester, MA Senior Vice Camp Commander
Jeremy Grant Suvcw Ohio William McKinley #21 Lancaster, Ohio Camp Memorials Officer
Dan Graves SUVCW MI Gov. Crapo Camp #145 Flint, MI
Robert Graves SUVCW PA Joel Searfoss Camp #273
Robert Gray SUVCW Florida Eugene A. Carr #5 Ocala, FL
Robert Gray SUVCW Member-At-Large Pickering, Ontario
Ronald Greek jr suvcw. svr Kansas Franklin camp #5 olatha kansas member
Christopher Greene SUVCW,joining MOLLUS Ohio Garfield Camp 142 Cleveland, Ohio Dept. Council and Pat. Inst.,Past Camp Cmdr.
Gary Greene SUVCW Nebraska Shiloh #2 Lincoln, NE
Martin Greene SUVCW,
Kentucky Nelson-Garfield Memorial Camp 3 Florence,
Vice Commander,
Web Master
Perry Greene SUVCW OK Jeremiah Smith Camp 1 Oklahoma City, OK Chaplain
John Green Anna M Ross PA 1 Phila, PA Treasuer
Carter Gregory SUVCW Illinois John A. Logan #26 Rockford, IL Camp Commander
Rex Griffin SUVCW, SVR Oklahoma Indian Nations Camp #3 Jenks, Oklahoma
Terry Griffith SUVCW IN Ben Harrison Camp #356 Mooresville, IN
Bob Griggs SUVCW Michigan Austin Blair No. 7 Jackson Camp Commander, Webmaster
Richard ( Jake) Grim SUVCW ,
Iowa Power/Dunlavy # 3 Bloomfield Camp Commander,
Richard (Jake) Grim SUVCW Iowa Power/Dunlavy #3 Bloomfield, Iowa Sr. Vice Commander
Robert Grim SUVCW,
OH Commander-in-Chief,
SVR Deputy Commander
Geoffrey A. P. Groesbeck SUVCW MA William Jenkins #129 Haverhill, MA
Gary Grout "SAR", "1812" Michigan Gen. Richardson #2 Berkley, MI Commander
Thomas L. Grund, Jr. SUVCW Maryland Colonel James D. Brady #63 Williamsburg-Petersburg, VA Senior Vice Commander
Gary Adelbert Guinan Sr. SUVCW FL Lucius Mitchell Camp #4 St. Cloud, FL PCC
Janice Guy DUVCW New York Kady Brownell Tent #36 Long Island N.Y. Dept. President

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