Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
Michael Farnsley SUVCW OH William T. Sherman Camp #93
Floyd Farrar SUVCW Calif and Pacific Sedgwick-Granger Camp 17 Santa Ana,, Commander, Historian, & Newsletter Editor
Michael Farrell SUVCW Florida #4 Lucius L. Mitchell St. Cloud
Harold L. Fenner Jr. SUVCW OH Gov. William Dennison Camp #125 Albany, OH
Steven Fenton SUVCW Gov. Isaac I. Stevens Camp #1 Washington State Camp-at-Large
Joseph Ferrara SUVCW ,
Knights of Columbus
Pennsylvania Lt Ezra Grriffin #8 Scranton, PA
Robert H. Fickies SUVCW New York Col. George L. Willard #154 Albany, NY Patriotic Instructor
Robert Figenshu SUVCW California and Pacific Gen A. Pleasonton, Camp 24 SF - Bay Area, No. Calif. Patriotic Officer
William Fischer Jr SUVCW Kansas Franklin 5 Olathe
Rod Fleck SUVCW Gov. Isaac I. Stevens Camp #1
Washington Camp #120
Washington State Camp-at-Large PCC, JVC
Randy Fletcher SUVCW,
National at Large Col. Edward D. Baker Eugene, Oregon Secretary-Treasurer
Adam Flint SUVCW, MOLLUS PA Bradbury, #149 West Chester Color Bearer, Camp Guide
Guy Folger SUVCW Oklahoma BG Douglass H. Cooper Camp #819 Atoka SVC
Michael M. Foreman SUVCW MD Lincoln-Cushing Camp #2 Winchester, VA
Stephen D. Forman SUVCW,
SW Edward Lea LCDR USN Camp #2,
Granbury's Texas Brigade Camp #1479
Houston, TX SUVCW PCC,
SCV Camp Commander
Bruce Fortin SUVCW< > SVR Camp 1 Fort Duffield, KY
Brad Foust SUVCW,
PA Col. Jacob M. Campbell Camp #14,
54th Pennsylvania
Johnstown, PA PCC
Cynthia Fox ASUVCW,
Women's Relief Corp
PA Williamsport, Pa National President, ASUVCW
Victor I. Fox SUVCW IN Ben Harrison Camp #356
Victor L Fox SUVCW Pennsylvania #8 Scranton, Pa GAR Highway Officer
Bruce Frail 2nd RI Vols Co.D; RI Geneological Society Rhode Island Elisha Dyer #7 Warwick Jr.Vice Commander: Dept GRO
Timothy Frake SUVCW IL #1 Crystal Lake, IL PCC
Daniel .J frankignoul C.H.A.B. asbl Brussels, Belgium President
Todd B. Frary SUVCW,
TN Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Michael Willis Freeland SUVCW PA Anna M. Ross Camp #1 Philadelphia, PA
adam freel SUVCW at large seattle washington
Jeffrey French SUVCW Maryland Sgt. James H. Harris Camp #38,
Walter H. French Camp #17
California, Maryland,
Carthage, New York
Camp Commander,
Camp Counselor
Ken Freshley SUVCW, SVR Ohio J.A.G. Camp #142, Ohio Naval Brigade-SVR Cleveland, Ohio PDC & Signals Officer -Dept. of Ohio,
PCC, JVC - JAG Camp.,
National SUVCW JVCinC & Signals Officer & Webmaster
Adjutant-Ohio Naval Brigade
Bonnie Frick Branch District Library Quincy MI board liaison
Michael G. Friedel SUVCW, MOLLUS IA Grenville M. Dodge Camp #75, Des Moines, IA.
Gen. Samuel Ryan Curtis Camp #82, Davenport, IA
Major Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden Camp #2, Lexington, KY
Iowa PDC
Past Assistant National Secretary/National Coordinator for Camps-at-Large
Camp #82 PCC and Charter Member
Camp #2 Charter Member
James H. Friedline SUVCW MD PDC,
Dept. Secretary/Treasurer
David A. Frye SUVCW IN Ben Harrison Camp #356 Color Bearer
Michael Fuller SUVCW MO U. S. Grant Camp #68 St. Louis, MO
Donald P. Fuselier SUVCW, Calif. & Pacific Abe Lincoln #10 Monterey, CA. Member

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