Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
Mark S. Backus SUVCW,
SW Lone Star
Camp #1,
Gen. C.J. de Polignac
Camp #1648
Christopher Bagley SUVCW Ohio McClellan Camp 91 Alliance, Ohio Member
Cole Bagley SUVCW Ohio McClellan Camp 91 Alliance, Ohio Junior Member
Ron Bagley SUVCW Ohio McClellan Camp 91 Alliance, Ohio Member
Ryan Bagley SUVCW Ohio McClellan Camp 91 Alliance, Ohio Junior Member
Wil Bagley SUVCW Ohio McClellan Camp 91 Alliance, Ohio Member
Peter Paul Bahuk, Jr. SUVCW NJ Gen. George A. Custer Camp # 17 Edison, NJ Camp Guide
David "Garon" Bailey Sons of Union Veterans Department of Indiana William P. Benton Camp # 28 Centerville, Indiana
Jeff E. Baker SUVCW MI Gen. Benjamin Pritchard Camp #20 Camp Secretary
Lyman Baker SVR-16th Ind. Battery Patriotic Instructor/ 09/10 Sydney Camp 41 Ithaca, NY 14850 Camp Commander
Scott Baker SUVCW,
OH James B. McPherson Camp #66 National Chief of Staff,
Camp Graves Registration Officer,
SVR Captain, Public Information Officer
Robert Baldwin Sons of Union Veterans New York State Col. George L. Willard Camp #154 Albany, NY Eagle Scout Recognition
Matthew Barbee Sons of Union Veterans Alabama
Douglas C. Barili SUVCW / ACWA Calif. and Pacific Abraham Lincoln # 10 Santa cruz, Ca. 2009 CC
Jim Barker SUVCW MD Antietam
Camp #3,
7th West Virginia Infantry Camp #7
Frederick, MD,
Antietam Camp Senior Vice Commander
Paul E. Barnhart Sr. SUVCW NY Sydney Camp #41 Ithaca, NY
Wayne J. Barrett SUVCW MI Wa-Bu-No Camp #53 Camp Commander
Rocky Bartlow SUVCW Kansas Old Abe #16 Topeka JVC
Vincent Bartning SUVCW California & the Pacific Phil Sheridan Camp #4 San Jose
John Bates SUVCW Massachusetts 104 Malden
Stephen Bruce Bauer SUVCW IN Ben Harrison Camp #356 Indianapolis, IN PCC
Charles Beal SUVCW CA & Pac. Generals Sedgwick-Granger Camp 17 Tustin, CA CW Memorials Officer
David Beam SUVCW Georgia & South Carolina Kennesaw Mountain #3 Marietta, Georgia Camp Patriotic Instructor
Bill Beaumont SUVCW
Ohio Vienna Portsmouth Ohio
Bryan D. Bechler SUVCW Governor Isaac I. Stevens Camp #1 Washington State Camp-At-Large
Michael Beck SUVCW,> SVR Indiana Benjamin Harrison Camp #356 Indianapolis,>Indiana DC,>PCC
Ron Bellenger SUVCW MI Benjamin Pritchard Camp #20 PCC
Dennis Bell SUVCW NaL Gen. Sedgewick Camp #10 Salem, OR Camp Commander
Michael Bell SUVCW Maryland Luray-Carlisle Reunion Camp #1881 Luray, Virginia Member
Duce Benjamin SUVCW MASSACHUSETTS Willie Grout Worcester,MA Commander
Allen Bennett SUVCW RI Elisha Dyer Camp #7 Camp Color Guard
Michael S. Bennett SUVCW NY Col. Ellis Camp #124
Worden Camp #150
PDC, National Secretary
James Benware SUVCW, SVR WI CAMP #5 West Bend Camp Secretary, Dept. Historian
Ed Berger SUVCW CA & Pac. Sgt. William Pittenger Camp #21 Escondido, CA PCC
Franklin C. Bergquist, USA Ret. SUVCW,
MOH Historical Society
KS Cpl. Patrick Coyne Camp #1,
Kansas Union Guards
SVR 1st Sgt.
Morris Berry SUVCW Maine T. W. Hyde # 46 Bath, Maine Camp Secretary/Treasurer , PDC
Richard Bickford, CW3, USA (Ret.) SUVCW Camp-At-Large Major General Thomas Howard Ruger Camp #1 Fayetteville, NC Signals Officer,
Carolyn S. Billups ASUVCW,
PA Auxiliary #7,
Comrad Gabrio Corps #136,
Circle #20,
Salome M. Stewart Tent #55,
Ohio Society,
Col. Richard Thomas Zarvona Chapter #2571
edward binkley suvcw dept.of michigan John s.Cosby Camp427 Dearborn Co-chaplin
John binkley suvcw dept.of michigan john s cosby camp 427 dearborn none
Frederick R. Bird SUVCW Maryland Antietam 3 Frederick,MD Graves Registration Officer, Council Member
Richard D. Bishop, Maj. USA Ret. SUVCW Maj. Gen. Thomas Howard Ruger Camp #1 Fayetteville, NC
Richard D. Bishop MOLLUS JVC Virginia Commandery, MG Thomas H. Ruger Camo NC SUVCW Commander, NCSSAR SE VP MG Thomas H. Ruger Camp NC NC Commander
Richard Bishop MOLLUS,SUVCW,SAR, FILI,SFA NC MG Thomas H. Ruger Camp #1 NC Patriotic Instructior, SR VC, Commander
Mark Allen Black SUVCW KY Nelson-Garfield Memorial Camp #3 Covington, Florence, Dry Ridge, KY
Charles D. Blanchette SUVCW RI Dept. Treasurer
Jodie Bland SUVCW
Ernest Everett Blevins SUVCW, SVR Georgia and South Carolina Elias Moon #2
Kennesaw Mountain #3
Georgia and South Carolina Past Commander-Kennesaw Mountain #3
SVC & Patriotic Instructor Elias Moon #2, DGRO
Floyd Blodgett, PDC SUVCW Vermont H.E.K. Hall Camp # 28 Chelsea, VT Dept Council, PCC
Floyd Blodgett SUVCW VT H.E.K. Hall Camp # 28 Camp Commander
Larry B. Blumatte SUVCW Camp-At-Large Major General Thomas Howard Ruger Camp #1 Fayetteville, NC Camp Commander
Brig. Gen. Patrick Boab SUVCW Florida 6 Pensacola
Firth Bob 25th MASS VOL INF Private
Charles Boice SUVCW FL Lt. Adam J. Slemmer Camp #6 Pensacola, FL Camp Organizer
Larry Bonney SUVCW Maine Joshua Chamberlain Camp #69 South Paris Sr.V.C..
Stephen Booth SUVCW New York General John Buford #4389 Sidney, New York Senior Vice Commander
mel bostwick suvcw new york cpl james tanner 134 cobleskill member
Randal G. Bowling SUVCW KY Maj. Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden Camp #2 Lexington, KY
John Bowyer SUVCW SVR Indiana Ben Harrison # 356 Indianapolis Dept. P.I. Camp SV Commander
John Bowyer SUVCW Indiana Ben Harrison #356 Indianapolis,IN. Guide
John Bowyer SUVCW Indiana Benjamin Harrison # 356 Indianapolis Member
Roger Boyce , , National Rifle Association> Working of Membership Either DC Camp or Fredericksburg, VA Camp Live in Woodbridge, VA ---
Bryan Bradford SAR,
Missouri Tiger #432 Columbia, Missouri Sr. Vice Commander
John Brasko Jr SUVCW New Jersey Francine #7 Hammonton Member
Mark S. Braun SUVCW IL George Armstrong Custer Camp #1 Northfield, IL Dept. Historian and Graves Registrar,
Camp Commander
Neal Breaugh SUVCW Michigan Robert Finch Camp No. 14 Traverse City PCC
Neal Breaugh SUVCW Michigan Robert Finch No. 14 Traverse City Secretary/Treasurer PCC
Doyle Brewer, Jr. SUVCW,
Colorado/Wyoming Greenwood Camp 10 Colorado Department Commander,
Camp Secretary
Garry Brewer SUVCW CO/WY Camp # 7 Legion of the West Sons of the American Revolution, Past President, Grand Mesa Chapter. General Society of the War of 1812, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of Union Veterans, PCC
John Brindle SUVCW PA. Gettysburg #112 Gettysburg, PA. Member
John W. Brindo III SUVCW OHIO James A. Garfield #142 Cleveland, Ohio Member
Scott A. Britton SUVCW OH Gen. Benjamin D. Fearing Camp #2 Marietta, OH Commander
Michael R. Brock SUVCW PA Anna M. Ross Camp #1 PCC,
Camp Counsel
Robert Bromley PDC Rhode Island Col. Zenas R. Bliss Greenville, RI PCC
Glenn Charles S. Bronson SUVCW MD Appomattox Camp #2
Richard Brooks SUVCW Pennsylvania Sgt. Jones Bradbury Camp #149 Media/West Chester PCC
Brett Dicken Brown SUVCW FL Gen. Thomas McKean Camp #3 Lake Worth Past Camp Commander, Camp Council, Camp Monuments and Memorials and Graves Registration Officer
Cynthia W. Brown ASUVCW MA Dept. President
Stephen Brown SUVCW NH Rochester, NH Charles W Canney #5 Member
Steve Brown SUVCW CA & Pac. Sgt. William Pittenger Camp #21 Escondido, CA
Thomas Brown SUVCW,
California & Pacific Pres.Abraham Lincoln #10 Carmel PCC
Skip Bryant SUVCW Michigan Robert Finch Post 14 Traverse City,MI SVC
Kevin Buchanan SUVCW CT Alden-Skinner #45 Rockville, CT PACAVALRY13TH@AOL.COM
Robert Buerger SUVCW Illinois John A. Logan #26 Rockford, Il.
Dan Bunnell SUVCW CA & Pac. Phil Sheridan Camp #4 San Jose, CA PDC,
Jeffry Burden SUVCW Maryland Brady Camp #63 Petersburg/Williamsburg, VA
Randal Burd SUVCW,
Dept of Missouri Sigel Camp #614 Rolla, Missouri Camp Commander
Andrew Burnett SUVCW, SVR New Jersey Col. Louis R Francine #7 Hammonton PCC
James Burton SUVCW CT H A Grant 24 Hartford
Ron Burton SUVCW Texas Gen'l James J. Byrne Camp #1 Lone Star Camp #1 Fort Worth, Tx. Member
Gordon R. Bury II SUVCW,
Dept of Missouri US Grant Camp 68 St Louis MO Dept SVC,
Camp Commander
Bruce B. Butgereit II SUVCW,
MI Gen. John A. Logan Camp #1 Camp Council,
MOLLUS Michigan Recorder/Treasurer
Bruce B. Butgereit SUVCW,
MI Gen. John A. Logan Camp #1 Camp Secretary/Treasurer & Memorials Officer,
MOLLUS Michigan Commander
Bruce Butgereit Nat. Pat. Instr.
Bill Butler SUVCW Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson Camp #1 Montgomery, AL Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Kenneth Butterfield SUVCW Maine Joshua L. Chamberlain #69 South Paris PDC
William Buvinger SUVCW CO/WY Legion of the West, Camp #7 Grand Juncion, Colorado Senior Vice Commander
Edgar D. Bylar III SUVCW TN Farragut Camp #6 Savannah, TN
Richard Byrd SUVCW/ SVR Maryland 7th WV Inf. Petersburg, WV Vice Commander/ Treasurer

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