Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


The purpose of this page is to provide a central listing of email addresses of members of the five Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as others interested in the Civil War. If you'd like to have your information listed, please Add Your New Listing Here. Send changes to existing info to the National SUVCW Webmaster.

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Name Org(s) Dept. Camp(s) Location Position(s) Email
Steve Aarli SUVCW Illinois John A. Logan #26 Rockford, Il.
Steve Aarli SUVCW Ill John A. Logan #26 Rockford, Ill. Grave Reg. Officer
John Cope Abbott SUVCW Massachusetts Chas. H. Bond #104 Wakefield, MA
William Achbach SUVCW Colorado Centennial #100 Denver, CO
R. Dean Airy SUVCW,
IA V. P. Twombly #2 Iowa City Camp Commander
Jeffrey Albanese SUVCW New York Col. Ellis Camp 124 Goshen, N.Y. PCC; Camp Patriotic Instructor; Department GAR Highway Officer
Ben Allen SUVCW UT Lot Smith Camp #1 Camp Secretary-Treasurer
Cathi Allen ASUVCW UT Lot Smith Camp #1 Auxiliary Secretary-Treasurer
Earl Allen SUVCW New York 114 ,126 Bridgewater, Oneida, NY Sec/Treas. both. & DC
Greg Allen SUVCW UT Lot Smith Camp #1 Editor - Utah Civil War Association Newsletter
David Allison SUVCW SW Lone Star
Camp #1
Arlington, TX PDC,
Dave Allyn SUVCW CA & Pac. Sgt. William Pittenger Camp #21 Lakeside, CA Dept. Councilman
Camp SVC
William Alsobrook SUVCW
Glennon Alsop SUVCW MO Maj. Francis Wilhelmi Camp #17 Washington, MO
Joe Amburgey SUVCW,
Ohio Vienna Portsmouth Ohio
John Anderson SUVCW TN Farragut Camp #6 Savannah, TN Camp Commander
Phil Anthony SUVCW Oklahoma Indian Nations Camp #3 Tulsa, OK
Robert E. Armidon SUVCW MD Lincoln-Cushing Camp #2 Falls Church, VA Patriotic Instructor, News Walker editor
Douglas R. Armstrong SUVCW MI George W. Anderson Camp #58 Dept. Civil War Memorials Officer,
Kent L. Armstrong SUVCW MI George W. Anderson Camp #58 Commander-in-Chief
Todd R. Armstrong SUVCW, SVR California & Pacific Phil Sheridan Camp#4;Co. C, 8th California Infantry, CA Commandery San Francisco, CA
Ronald Aronis SUVCW WI A. Cushing Camp #5 PDC,
Camp Secretary
Michael Askins SUVCW Florida Gen. Eugene A. Carr #5 Jacksonville, FL
Bud Atkinson SUVCW PA PCinC,
Nat. Quartermaster,
Margaret Atkinson ASUVCW PNP
Robert Atkinson SUVCW Colorado-Wyoming Centenial Camp 100 Denver CO
John D. Avery, PDC SUVCW, SVR Missouri U.S. Grant Camp #68 St. Louis County, Missouri Commandery
John Aymold, Jr. SUVCW Maryland James A. Garfield Post #1 Baltimore, MD Jr. Vice Commander

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