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National Encampments

Number Year Dates Location 1st 1882 October 18 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2nd 1883 August 6-7 Columbus, Ohio 3rd 1884 August 27-30 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

National Headquarters

The National Headquarters for the SUVCW is housed at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The formation of the museum itself was largely through the organization and efforts of the SUVCW. On November 3, 1995, Commander-in-Chief David R. Medert and his Special Committee on the National Headquarters met with Mr. Stephen Reed, mayor […] Read more

Dr. Ralph Sheldon

Commander-in-Chief 1907-1908 Commander-in-Chief Ralph Sheldon, M.D., was the oldest son of Dr. Andrew Flint Sheldon and Lucetta SalsBury, and was born in Pultneyville, New York, August 12, 1870. He graduated from Lyons Highs School in in 1888 and Albany Medical College in 1892. When he joined the Sons of Veterans is not known. However, he […] Read more

A. W. Jones

Commander-in-Chief 1899-1900 Asahel Wellington Jones was a farmer, lawyer, banker, Lt. Governor of Ohio and Past Commander-in-Chief (PCinC) of the Sons of Veterans, having been elected at the 18th National Encampment in Detroit in September 1899. He served as Ohio Department Commander in 1897. PCinC Jones was born September 18, 1838 in Johnstonville, Trumbull County, […] Read more

Frank Lyman Shepard

Commander-in-Chief 1898-1899 Frank Lyman Shepard was born in Barreyville, Henry County, Illinois, December 1867. He received his education at the village school, the college of Beloit, Wisconsin, and the Chicago College of Law from which he graduated in the year 1891. He taught school for a year and half and then took up the pratice […] Read more

William Edgar Bundy

Commander-in-Chief 1893-1894 William Edgar Bundy was the son of William Sanford Bundy who served in Company I, 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and later in Company G, 7th Ohio Voluteer Cavalry. He was wounded at the Battle of Bean Station, Tennessee and was mustered out of service in 1864 and died of his injuries in 1867. […] Read more

Marvin E. Hall

Commander-in-Chief 1892-1893 Marvin E. Hall, from Hillsdale, Michigan, was the first Brother from Michigan to become Commander-in-Chief of the Order. He was born in Calhoun County, Michigan, September 1, 1853. He was the youngest of the four children of Horace and Lucetta (Faurote) Hall; the mother, a native of New York State and of French […] Read more

Bartow S. Weeks

Commander-in-Chief 1891-1892 Bartow S. Weeks was elected Commander-in-Chief at the 10th National Encampment held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 24-29, 1891. He never was a Department Commander. He was present at the first meeting of Lafayette Camp #140, in New York City on December 14, 1888, which was held at Mazetti’s at the corner of 6th […] Read more

Charles Fremont Griffin

Commander-in-Chief 1889-1890   Destined to become a Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Veterans, an Indiana Attorney General and a distinguished community leader, Charles Freemont Griffin was born in 1857 to John Elihu and Milissa [Melissa ?] Ann (Scott) Griffin in Henry County, Indiana. His father was born in Spiceland in 1830, his mother in Wayne […] Read more

George B. Abbott

Commander-in-Chief 1887-1888 and 1888-1889 George B. Abbott was born at Dixon, Illinois, late in the 1850’s. Much of Brother Abbott’s life was spent in southern Illinois upon a farm. In 1869 he moved with his parents to Chicago and attended the public schools of that city. He then attended a medical college from which he […] Read more