Passing of Real Son David Ordean Chase


David Ordean Chase, the son of Union Civil War veteran Albert Stillman Chase, died on January 2, 2015 at the age of 104 years. Brother David was a member of Gov. Isaacs Stevens Camp-at-Large No. 1 in the State of Washington. His father Albert was a private in Company H of the 6th Minnesota Infantry Regiment.

During his working career Brother Chase owned a welding and machine shop, a neon sign company, and spent time working for an oil-drilling firm. He was a native of Minnesota and moved from Inglewood, California, to British Columbia in 1962. He was predeceased by his wife Louise, who died in 1997. They did not have any children.

In honor of Brother Chase’s passing, SUVCW Commander-in-Chief Tad Campbell has issued Special Order No. 2, which orders an official period of mourning for thirty days (through Friday, February 6, 2015), during which time charters are to be draped and mourning ribbons are to be attached to the membership badge. Only an estimated eight real sons of Civil War Union veterans remain alive today. Click here (pdf) for a list of those eight men.

  • Paul Hillar ,

    Rest in peace my Brother! Peace to your family.